What I Know of Obedience

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A few months ago I got home on a Tuesday night and headed a journal entry with “Surge and how I know I’m right where God wants me.” I listed all of the big and small ways that I just felt right with the decision I had made in August to get involved with Student Ministry. Which, to be perfectly honest, is something I really never saw myself doing.

I was surrounded by friends in college that “had a heart for kids” and it was pretty clear to me that I just super didn’t fall into that category. Plus, God already gave me a passion for the homeless. THAT’S where my focus should be. And come on–I work full-time and have a social life to consider and I already volunteer on Sundays and I’m about to start watching 30 Rock which obviously needs my full-attention and okay I just can’t, it doesn’t even make sense.

But then Eddie pops up behind the pulpit and preaches about building the House of God and I just-I don’t know. My reasons seemed {and to be perfectly clear, totally were} silly. They paled in comparison to what I knew–middle school suuucked and I could be a part of making someone else’s middle school experience just a little bit better. I could point middle school aged kids to Jesus during a time in their lives when their compasses get a little distorted with all the new appealing factors to consider. I didn’t think I’d be great at it, I knew I didn’t really have the time for it and I was definitely aware that a lot of middle schoolers have yet to discover deodorant and I wasn’t really into the idea of spending my free time with them. But. Ya know. I send a simple email, go to a few meetings, and all of a sudden I’ve got a bunch of 6th grade girls that make me twist off their bottle caps, stalk my Instagram and totally steal my heart.

But it doesn’t even begin to stop there. Being involved with Summit Student Ministry has legitimately infiltrated my entire life in the best way possible. We have no way of knowing what God will do with our obedience. We can venture a guess as to potential outcomes, but I personally find that God has never been constrained by my imagination. Rather, I show up with my minuscule amount of obedience and God works miracles in and through me that are Kingdom worthy despite the fact that I am not.

Is it any secret that I love to ironically say “He Moves in Mysterious Ways” when something seemingly coincidental and trivial happens? ‘Cause I do. Man. I really do get a kick out of that. But I want to be perfectly clear here. I REALLY believe that. God truly moves in mysterious, unfathomably beautiful and huge ways. And He does this through our obedience. He moves in us. Let Him.

One time a best friend of mine, after years of friendship, was boldly obedient and invited a fairly rough-around-the-edges version of me to some Thursday night Christian thing in Ferrell Commons. That was 5 years ago and changed everything I knew. Now I not only follow Jesus, but I’m a part of leading middle schoolers toward Him. That’s crazy. The ripple effect of your tiny piece of obedience will go greater, deeper and farther than you’ll possibly be able to grasp this side of heaven.

Trust me, I promise, I know.

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