It’s October Third

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But it’s pronounced–well, and spelled for that matter– like “Katie.”

Last night I literally felt butterflies in my stomach. The kind of anxious excited I used to get before a first day of school or on my way to AMC when I knew a crush would be there. I was filled with anticipation. I was brimming with it guys. And why?

Because I really and truly and deeply love October third.

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And maybe that’s the silliest thing to be excited about and it may provide proof that I haven’t aged since I was 14 and it may even suggest that I have some sort of obsessive, shallow and vapid personality. I would argue with these things though.

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October third is THE day for my closest friends and I to quote something we love. To–without drawing attention to it–compete over who can be the most obscure, the most subtle and most natural at implementing references throughout the entirety of the day. It also brings together so many people. I mean there are people in my phone whom I have lost touch with over the years, as is natural, that I text annually on this day. I have Facebook friends that I haven’t seen since middle school that I get in quoting-conversations with on this day. People I barely know–have literally never met, or maybe just had a class with in college–are active participants in my life on this day. This beautiful day brings people together over our mutual love of cakes made out of rainbows and smiles. I’ve been celebrating this day for years and I’m still not over it.

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And then people just get together and they watch the movie on this day. Which is actually a REALLY good movie. And I stand by that. Pretty much the entire population of millennial girls will back me up on this.

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I know there may be haters out there. People who don’t even like the movie. Some that have NEVER seen it. And once a year their news feeds are totally bombarded with nonsensical talk of fetch, mathletes, army pants and flip flops. But haters should never stop you from doing your thang.

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So, my fellow plastics. Even if people are all like
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Persevere! This day comes but once a year. Build new friendships, rekindle old ones and bond together over this mutual love of ours. Walk proudly, friends. Tina Fey gave us a beautiful gift. So enjoy this day and live it up with all the bread and cheese fries your heart desires without a care in the world!

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