Showing up with a little bit of obedience

ImageMiddle school was the worst for me. Like- most character traits that I currently possess that I’m not proud of, I can trace back to something in middle school that is a contributing factor. That simple truth drove me to–a month or two ago– start the process of volunteering with the middle school ministry at my church. I wanted those girls to feel like they had someone relatively solid that they could turn to and that could turn them toward Jesus.

A few weeks ago something sort of insane happened. Something that I don’t want to ever forget because I’ll go through a season of doubt again, and it’ll be nice to look back on this and remember that God moves in mysterious ways. ‘Cause apparently I still need that reminder some days. Crazy.

It was Tuesday and Mike was leaving in a week. Rich texted asking if I could hang and I was like “Nope-Surge.” But then I started thinking- I mean. I didn’t even have a group of girls yet. No real responsibility yet–I still had leader training. Would they even miss me if I didn’t go and instead went to Confines? Long-inner-monologue-short: I had made a commitment, I was gonna go to Summit, maybe hang out after.

After Surge I texted Devon & Rich to see if they were still hanging and I was going to cut out pre-leader-meeting to join them. They hadn’t responded yet so I lingered a bit when I noticed a homeless family in the lobby. Hm.

I fought the urge to get involved–I had hanging out to do, I’m not at work, I wasn’t even gonna come tonight, notmyproblemright?!– but I eventually spoke up and told Ryan & Kim where I worked and that I might be able to help. This family had a hotel to stay in for the night, but it was far away. They needed transportation and the busses don’t run that late and neither does the HOPE Team.

{Really-long-story-full-of-phone-calls-and-desperate-attempts-and-talking-too-fast-to-strangers-and-getting-discouraged-and-a-sweet-little-homeless-girl-who-broke-my-heart-and-kept-me-driven-to-make-something-anything-work.} Figured it out. Secured their hotel room. Sent them on their way.

Both Ryan & Kim told me straight up–they were minutes away from telling that family there was nothing they knew to do before I approached them. Which is totally normal. Those two can wrangle and lead some middle schoolers in a thousand different ways that I can’t even fathom. It’s not their job to know how to handle a homeless family in distress. It’s not a lot of people’s. It’s technically not mine–mayyybe if I’d instagrammed the whole ordeal?

I still hadn’t heard from Rich or Devon. Plus it was like almost 10 o’clock and I’d kinda worn myself out so I drove home and prayed on the way.

This is when I finally slowed down enough to realize what God was doing. I was so close to not going to Surge that night. I was a text message away from leaving early. But I was reluctantly obedient to something I had felt God had put on my heart.

“What we have is a God of justice who is just waiting for us to show up with a little bit of obedience so He can work His miracles through us.” -Reverend Larry Martin

The thing about God that continually baffles me is when He shows up like that. I don’t need God to prove Himself to me. I don’t need God to confirm for me that when He calls me to do something He wants me to follow through. I don’t need God to continually remind me that where He has me is where He intended me to be.

But He does. And I hope I never ever forget to praise Him for that. What an undeserved gift.

If you haven’t heard it lately–God’s got you right where He wants you. And sometimes just being there is enough–it’s all He’s asking of you. Be still and content and intentional long enough for Him to work a miracle through you. Let God show you what He can do with your obedience.

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